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Document Translation

Jakarta Translator is your most trusted partner to translate personal document or institute, agency, Law Firm, Courthouse, Public notary from Indonesian Language (Bahasa) to English, Dutch, Chinese, Arabian, Italian, Japanese, Germany, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and other language. 
Document that can be translated by Bali Translator are as below:

1. Legal Document
Notary Document, contract, certification and transcript, Other documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, jurisdiction verdict, Law and Regulation, Decree, Intellectual Properties and Patent, trademark, license, litigation, arbitration, insurance, and letter of authority, Power of Attorney, etc.

2. Financial Document and Business
Elementary Budget / domestic budget, financial statement, annual report, revenue plan and expense, finance note, Business Code of Ethic, correspondences, Quotation, training substance, proposal, merger, acquisition, brochure, advertisement, etc.

3. Technique Document
Automotive, hydraulic, Engineering ( civil, ocean, mechanical, electrical, Architecture), Aeronautical, Instructions, feasibility study, composition, Standard operation Procedure , etc.

4. Medical Document and Pharmacy
Medical Record, Clinical report and study, Lab result and interpretation, medical information, syllabus, leaflet, bottle label, Product Specification, journal, Directions of Use , etc.

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